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Local news 5.5.2023 20:00

The burning of twigs causes wildfires yearly in Huittinen 

Open fire should never be lit during a grass and forest fire warning. 

Be careful with fire. Kuvituskuva: Pixabay
Be careful with fire. Kuvituskuva: Pixabay
Vilja Vartia, oppilastoimitus (suomenkielinen alkuperäisteksti Pauliina Vilenius)

The progress of the spring and the rise in temperature makes the terrain dry and sensitive to fires. During the passing spring, the Satakunta rescue service has had to put out multiple different sized wildfires.

To avoid close calls and bigger disasters, everyone should remember the rules of managing fire. For example, twigs and garden waste should rather be delivered to a waste station than burned.

Outside of built-up areas, you may burn dry sticks and non-hazardous waste. You can also burn untreated wood waste, lists the fire marshal on duty from the Satakunta rescue service, Petri Rantala.

However, an open fire should not be lit during a warning given by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. You can check the up-to-date warnings on their website.

If the intention is to perform a larger burn or to start a fire that will make a large amount of smoke, the rescue service should always be notified beforehand.

In Satakunta, you can make a notification online, using the form found on the rescue service website or by calling the emergency center number 02 621 1500.

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